Kierr gap holder Kierr Flex

The door model Kierr Flex is made of aluminium and is light in weight. The Kierr Flex has flexible and adjustable Clamp blades and knurled screws so it is handy to fasten, which makes it once again a perfect gap holder by Kierr. The rubber protection of the adjustable plastic clamps makes sure that they connect well to plastic, wood, aluminium and even synthetic material and this is all without drilling or screwing ! With the large, easily operable rotatable buttons you can create a gap between 5 to 15 cm. Do you need the option of a bigger gap for your door-holder? Then choose the door-model Kierr Flex 200. With this 200 gap holder for windows you can easily create an opening between 15 and 30 cm. And with the Kierr Flex 300 you can put your door ajar up to 45 cm! With these models you can easily walk through the opening yourself. Another great advantage of the Kier Flex 200 and Kierr Flex 300 is the fact that they have a hinge and therefore you don’t have to remove the gap holder every time you need to walk through the door!

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Option gap holder internal-external doors

The back, - internal- or external doors usually only give you the possibility to put your door ajar by using ahook. In order to attach this hook, most of the time, you’re obliged to screw or drill into your (door) frame. For a lot of people this is not very convenient. Also, very often a hook doesn’t provide a very stable option to put your door ajar which causes your door to clack a lot. Besides that, a hook is often not the most beautiful option to put your door ajar. The Kierr Flex 100 gives you the option to open your door easily and steadily with a width of 5 cm to 15 cm. Very easy to attach withouth drilling or screwing ! At the same time, the Kierr Flex 100 is the perfect solution to let in some fresh air without the possibility for your pet to escape (check the *animal rubric).

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Instruction film Kierr Flex 200 gap holder for doors

Watch the instruction film on how to attach your Kierr Flex 200 gap holder on a door. Also, take a closer look to the added value of a hinge which easily gives you the option to open the door. And of course, all of this without screwing or drilling!

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Option gap holder for garden- terrace – and balcony doors

Would you like to put your doors ajar so that you can enjoy the nice weather or maybe to get in some fresh air? Than the Kierr Flex 200 is your best option! A great advantage of the Kierr Flex 200 is that you can leave the gap holder attached when you want to open the door because of the hinge fuction. This gives you the option to easily walk through the door. This model is also perfectly suitable for terrace, - balcony or backdoors. And because of the clasping blades also easily attachable without screwing or drilling! And at the same time you can also use this model if you want to open up your door to enable your pet to walk in and out of the house (Check the *animal rubric).

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The gap that enables you to walk through it yourself - Kierr Flex 300

If you need to use your door many times a day and you want to keep it ajar, then the Kierr Flex 300 is the best solution for you! This model gives you the option to create an opening that is large enough for you to walk through and you don’t even need to remove the gap holder. You simply attach the gap holder as high as possible and by doing this you easily create a gap which enables both you and your pet to walk through. And yet again, all of this without screwing or drilling .

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Gap holder with hinge

This version is the ideal solution to easily walk through your door without removing the gap holder! This is because of the fact that the Kierr Felx 200 and the Kierr Flex 300 are equipped with a hinge. And all of this without screwing or drilling!.

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