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Clampingsystem Windows (Kierr Flex)

Kierr gap holder window model Kierr Flex

The window model Kierr Flex 100 is made of aluminium and thoroughly tested with care. The look is more robust than the stainless steel version. Because of this look, this version has a bigger clasping surface, which makes it once again a perfect gap holder by Kierr. The rubber protection of the plastic clamps makes sure that they connect well to plastic, wood, aluminium and even synthetic material and this is all without drilling or screwing ! With the large, easily operable wing-formed rotatable buttons you can create a gap between 5 to 15 cm. Do you need the option of a bigger gap for your window-holder? Then choose the window model Kierr Flex 200. With this Kierr Flex 200 gap holder for windows you can easily create an opening between 15 and 30 cm. See specifications for more information.

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Option internal turning windows

The best solution to ventilate your rooms without having that annoying sound of ticking hooks is to use the gap holder by Kierr for you windows. The Kierr Flex 100 can be attached without screwing or drilling. The extra large clasping sheets make that this aluminium version is easy to use. You won’t damage your plastic, aluminium or wooden frame and it puts your window steadily ajar. The Kierr Flex 100 is also ideal if you need to create an entrance for your cat or dog while ventilating the room at the same time. The best solution there is!

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Instruction film Kierr window gap holder

Watch the instruction film on how to attach the Kierr Flex gap holder on your window. The perfect solution when you don’t want to screw or drill!

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Option gap holder for windows in an office buildings or flats

Many office buildings and flats have windows without gap holders because it is not allowed to screw or drill into the frames. But especially in these spaces it is important to ventilate the room because often there are a lot of people working in the same, small area. This is why the clamping system by Kierr is the perfect gap holder for these buildings! Need more information about different options for tilting windows? Check the separate section on *tilt windows.

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