Clampingsystem Windows (Kierr Classic)

Kierr Classic

The Kierr Classic 100 is made of stainless steel and thoroughly tested with care. The rubber protection of the clips ensures that it fits well and is firmly attached on plastic, wood and aluminium windows or doors without any drilling or screwing! With the user-friendly rotatable buttons you can easily create an opening between 2 and 10 cm. Or use the Kierr Classic 200 to create an opening between 10 to 35 cm. For more information see the specifications.

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Option plastic windows

You should never drill or screw with a plastic window. If you do this then you have a chance of damage. The solution is to use the Kierr diaper holder, the Kierr can be placed without drilling or screwing. You do not damage anything with the rubber clamp sheets and your window is stable. The ideal solution!

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Option Kierr Classic 100 plastic windows

Hereby the assembly of the Kierr Classic 100 on a plastic window. View the instruction video for this

Option for hinged windows

There are only a few opportunities for a hinged window to easily adjust the gap of your window. With most hinged windows you can only choose one position, which is often too large and allows a lot of cold or warm air to enter the room. But fortunately Kierr has produced a gap holder that allows you to adjust the gap to your own needs! With the gap holder by Kierr you can easily reduce the opening of your frame to ventilate a little or you can choose to adjust the opening up to 10 cm. The gap holder by Kierr is easily attachable to the bottom of your window and allows you to adjust it just the way you want to! The installation of the Kierr on outward opening windows is at your own risk. You clamp the Kierr, so it can always fall down. Therefore we do not recommend this in places that are dangerous if the Kierr falls down.

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Option for casement windows

Most windows don’t have the option to put them firmly ajar. That it why even a light breeze of wind can cause the window to start ticking against the frame. In former times you were always dependent on an ajar holder, which you had to assemble by means of drilling and screwing. This is especially not desirable for plastic windows. But the gap holder by Kierr can easily be clipped between to the bottom or the side of your window without drilling or screwing. The gap holder is user-friendly and allows you to secure the holder with an opening that satisfies your own desires. The gap holder by Kierr is no permanent solution, but can easily be removed when you want your window to be fully closed.

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Option for travelling

When you are at home you can easily adjust and secure your windows just the way you want it to. But most of the time this is not option when you go on a holiday. For example when you go to accommodation where the frames are made of wood or plastic and they do not have a possibility to put them on ajar. This often results in ticking and slamming window frames. To prevent this from happening, always make sure that you put the the adjustable gap holder by Kierr in your suitcase!

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Option for the office

The gap holder by Kierr can also be very useful at the office! Many companies are in rented premises and therefore no adjustments can be made to windows or frames by means of drilling or screwing. But an opening-option for your window is very desirably because fresh air is important in a room where many people are present at the same time. Research indicates that the productivity of employees increases with enough access to fresh air. The gap holder by Kierr can easily help you to ventilate the room! It is user-friendly and adjustable to your own needs. It provides a firm and stable opening to create a fresh air circulation without drilling or screwing.

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Option for monumental buildings

With monumental buildings it is certainly not desirable to screw or drill in window frames. The gap holder by Kierr gives you the ideal solution to still be able to open your windows without damaging them. And because of the protected clamping surfaces on the gap holder it is even possible to create a gap with a minimum width!

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