Gap holder Kierr Flex

The various models of the gap holders Kierr Flex are also suitable for doors and are made of aluminium and are light in weight. The flexible clamping blades with rubber make it also possible to attach these aluminium gap holders on plastic, wood, aluminium and even synthetic material without screwing or drilling! The Kierr gap holders door-models have a elegant aluminium look and are equipped with easily rotatable buttons. These buttons make it very easy to adjust the gap of your window. The bigger gap holders the Flex 200 and Flex 300 series are equipped with a hinge which makes it easier to walk through the door opening since you don’t have to remove the gap holder.

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Gap holder Kierr Click 200

The gap holder Kierr Click 200 is made of aluminium. The Kierr Click 200 does not have the regular clasping sheets but is equipped with a magnet system. You can easily stick this gap holder to your door and doorframe with very strong, double-sided tape, so without drilling or screwing. The enormous advantage of this magnet system is that you can easily remove the gap holder and also have the possibility to easily open and close the door because the magnets automatically go along when you open or close the door.

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Door stopper Kierr Stop Magnetic

You can lock and stop doors with the Kierr Stop 100, 200 and 300 doorstopper. The door stopper is equipped with strong magnets, which makes it very easy to lock and unlock the door. In addition, the Kierr Stop from Kierr can of course also be attached without drilling and screwing by means of included super strong adhesive tape with which you can attach the door stopper to the ground and a magnet to the door.

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Door Holders Kierr Hold

With the Kierr Hold door holders- made of stainless steel - you can very easily fix doors to the ground. The advantage of a stop in the ground is that there is no risk of tripping over something. In addition, The Kierr Hold from Kierr can be attached without drilling and screwing using including super strong adhesive tape.

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