Doorstopper Doors (Kierr Stop 100)

Doorstopper Kierr Stop 100 Magnetic

The Kierr Stop 100 doorstopper is created to stop and secure the door easily by using only magnets . This Luxury door stopper can be attached with the included very strong double-sided tape; by means of the tape you can attach the door stopper to the hard floor and the magnet whit the included tape to the door. Therefore you can use and place this doorstopper without any drilling or screwing! The door stopper is very easy to use because of its magnetic force. To use this luxury doorstopper you do not have to bend over to lock or unlock the door stopper. In addition, the door stopper is of high quality and made of stainless steel.

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Options doorstopper: interior doors, office doors or conservatory doors

The Kierr Stop 100 doorstopper is an ideal solution to very easily stop and secure your interior door, office door or conservatory door. Easy to use and to attach and you no longer have the annoyance of a chattering door.

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Option doorstopper animals

Would you like to steadily secure your door for your pet in order for it to walk through easily? Then this Kierr 100 Stop is definitely a solution without drilling and/or screwing! Easy to use by means of the magnets that fasten and release automatically.

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