1Why should I choose the gap holder by Kierr?
When you're looking for an easy way to put your windows or doors ajar without drilling or screwing.

After all, you do not want to damage your doors or window frames made of wood, plastic or aluminium. Maybe you're not even allowed to drill or screw because you have a rental property, for example.

Or you don't like to have a permanent solution, a hook in the frame for example, to put your doors and windows ajar. The gap holder by Kierr is easy in use and suitable for almost every door and window!
2I have Questions about the Kierr
If you have any question please let us know and send an Email to info@kierr.nl If you have doubts if the Kierr wil fitt on your window or door, send us some photo's (side of window/door and frame. We can always give you tips how to place the perfect Kierr for you.
3What's the price?
The prices of the Kierr gap holder vary between € 25,95 en € 45,95.depending on size and type.
4What is the delivery time?
The shipment is between 1 until 2 working days after receipt of payment.
5Can I really use it without drilling or screwing?
Yes, that is what's unique about the gap holder by Kierr. Also, the Kierr provides a steady and firm gap because of the rubber protection on the clips of the gap holder. Therefore it also makes sure that it doesn't damage your (window) frames. Also the models Kierr Hold 100/200, Click 100/200 and the Stop 100/200 use very strong tape.
6Is the Kierr easy to use for all kinds of windows and doors?
The Kierr is just a perfect and unique product to use for windows and doors made of plastic. As you might know, one may not drill or screw into a plastic (window) frame because it damages the inside of the frame. The Kierr has therefore been developed so that even without drilling or screwing you can easily put your door or window ajar.
7What are the costs of the delivery service?
For the delivery of the gap holders we charge in The Netherlands € 6.95 (the Kierr Hold is € 4,95 because it is a delevery in your mailbox) and in other countries € 11,75, regardless the amount of products that are ordered.
8What is the minimum and maximum opening of the Kierr Flex?
The minimum opening of the regulier Kierr Flex 100 is about 5 cm. But this depends on the frame of your window or door.

The minimum opening of the Kierr Flex 200 is approximately 10 cm. This also depends on the frame of your window or door.

The minimum opening of the Kierr Flex 300 is approximately 20 cm. This also depends on the frame of your window or door.

The maximum opening of the Kierr Flex 100 is about 15 cm. But this depends on the frame of your window or door.

The maximum opening of the Kierr Flex 200 s approximately 35 cm. This also depends on the frame of your window or door.

The maximum opening of the Kierr Flex 300 is approximately 50 cm. This also depends on the frame of your window or do
9Does the gap holder fit on every alulmium or plastic frame, door or window?
All models of the Kier Flex are in most cases well suited for this because they have flexible clamping blades. Of course you can always place the Kierr Stop and Kierr Hold models on your door.
10Is the Kierr suitable as a burglary prevention?
No, the Kierr is not suitable to serve as a burglary prevention because it can be removed manually very easy. But of course, this is not what the gap holder by Kierr is meant for. It is meant to provide you with an easy solution to put your door or window ajar. A solution which is not permanent, so you can easily detach it and store it when you want to fully close the door or window.
11Do I have a guarantee on the gap holders by Kierr?
Yes, you have a one year warranty on the Kierr and Kierr XXL. Your invoice is also your guarantee certificate. Please contact us via our contact form on the website.
12Order for your business
If you want to order for your business and you do not have the possibility to pay with a credit card, it is possible to receive an invoice. After receiving the payment, the order will be sent to you. You can let us know via the contact form that you are interested. In the mail please let us know which type of Kierr you want to receive and the number. Also the company name and address where the order must be sent to.
13The Kierr on a tilting window
The Kierr can be placed on a tilting window to reduce the crack. See the specially developed Kierr Click 100 under the section tilt windows. This is perfect to let less wind and cold in or keep the heat outside. When you use it please notice that by hard wind the window can be opened.
Return conditions Not satisfied with the product? You have the option to return the product within 14 days of receipt. To do this, follow the steps below. Sign Up • Send an email to info@kierr.nl You will then receive a return form. If a return is not registered, this return will not be accepted. Packing • Pack the products in their original condition and packaging in a box • Place the completed return form in the box • Stick the supplied return label on the box so that it is visible shipment • Deliver the package to the post office / DHL point (or other sender) • Keep the proof of shipment in a safe place Refund When do we pay back? We will transfer the costs incurred by you (purchase costs and original shipping costs) to you within 14 days after cancellation. What do you get back? You will be refunded the full purchase price, including the originally paid shipping and payment costs. Where will I receive the refunded amount? We will refund the amount in the same way as you paid. Is this not working? Then we will contact you. Costs for returning The costs for the return shipment are for your own account. Are you returning a product because it was damaged or delivered incorrectly? Then we reimburse these costs afterwards.
15Risk: placing Kierr on windows that pop out and use in a room for childern
The installation of the Kierr on outward opening windows is at your own risk. We definitely do not recommend this. Because you attach The Kierr by clamping, there is always the option that it can fall off. Please pay close attention to this. * In a room were childern are please look out for the loosening parts
16The edges of my frames are beveled / rounded. What is possible?
Basically, the gap holder should fit on every frame, door or window. Sometimes there are different frames that are round or oblique. Due to the flexible clamping blades that form around the frame and window or door, the Kierr Flex fits in almost all cases. Are you in doubt? It is best to send a photo and we will see if this is possible. Of course you can also use the Kierr Stop and Kierr Hold to secure your door.
17Can the Kierr stay on my window or door (frame)?
The Kierr Click 100 and Click 200 are especially designed to stay on your door or window. They are attached with self-adhesive magnets. Of course you can always choose to take them off. The Kierr Hold 100/200 are a good sollution to open and fasten your door and not fall over it. The Stop 100/200 are for inside doors also a good option.
18Why are the Kierr Flex 200 and 300 provided with a hinge?
When you need to walk through the door very often it might come in handy that you do not need to remove the full gap holder. With these models you only have to loosen one part to enable you to walk through. Because of this, these models are very simple and easy to use.
19Door stopper
Both the Kierr Hold 100 (distance to ground to clamp underside door to ground max. 3.5 cm) Kierr Hold 200 (distance underside door to ground to clamp max. 8 cm) and the Kierr Stop 100/200 (for inside use) with self-adhesive surface tape and magnet on door are both the perfect solution to to lock your door. Also very easy to install and also with very strong adhesive tape, so no tools required.