Without drilling or screwing for keeping windows and doors open

✓ For windows and doors made of plastic, wood and aluminium
✓ Easy in use and without drilling or screwing
✓ Also ideal for your pets

The gap holders Kierr Classic, Kierr Flex and the Kierr Click are the ideal solution to keep your door or window open. Made of wood, aluminium and plastic. The gap holder can easily be attached without drilling and screwing and is also adjustable to your own needs!

The gap holder by Kierr is, for example, a great solution for people with a rental home, a mobile home or a boat but also for your dog that needs an easy walk-in to your home. Therefore the Kierr is without a doubt very useful for anyone who does not want to damage (plastic) windows, doors and frames. Kierr gives you an easy solution without using tools. So anyone can enjoy the easy and user-friendly gap holder by Kierr!

Enjoy the convenience of the easily attachable gap holder by Kierr! Also very useful if you have pets!

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The gap holders by Kierr are one of a kind!

There are no comparable products that can offer the same convenience in usage without drilling or screwing. So therefore the Kierr is really unique! The exclusive user-friendly way to attach the gap holder makes it easy to put windows and doors in a small or big ajar. A solution for windows and doors made of plastic as well as wood or aluminium! With the Kierr the tapping of a hook on the door will never bother you again. Besides that, the Kierr will also create a steady gap so that your window or door will not close itself on a light breeze. The Kierr is also a great pleasure for your dog or cat because it provides them with an easy walk-in!

The gap holders by Kierr are manufactured in the Netherlands with a new in 2018 patented ontwerp. Assemblage is done by A.S.I. Productie.


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About Kierr

Kierr specializes in the production of gap holders that can be placed without the usages of drills or screws. The Dutch company specializes in the design and production of customized gap holders for doors and windows made of wood, aluminium and plastic. Because of continuous improvement of the design and investments in the production process, Kierr guarantees a high quality and exclusive design of its gap holders. A team led by Miranda van der Burgt ensures you that your order is taken care of quickly, adequately and in a service-oriented manner.